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Author: deannesgirl

Stop Trying to Convince a Man You’re Good Enough for a Relationship When He Doesn’t Want to Commit

We apologize for the slight posting hiatus. I’ve had a few things published, including this poem, and Britni has been super busy writing. (Check for her stuff here.) Lots happening. But let’s get to it, shall we? The other day Demetria Lucas-D’Oyley spoke all kinds of truth in one of her Facebook posts about how we, as women, can sabotage our chances of meeting someone when we mistake the act of being an active participant in our dating life with looking “thirsty.” I’m not saying hunt a man down. I’m not saying pursue him. I’m saying smile, pay a compliment, or ask...

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I Was Called Gordita Because I Turned a Man Down For a Date

The picture of those beautiful women on the cover of EBONY has been giving me life for the past few days. It also reminded me of a date I had a little while back. To be clear, I’m a thick woman. I am proud of my thickness and it’s never been an issue in my dating life. But a few years ago, I met a a man at Starbucks who thought he could shame me because I wouldn’t date him. The story goes like this: Dude’s approach was nice. He sparked a conversation with me, we exchanged numbers and began speaking...

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On Dudes Who Try to Flex Wherever They Go…Even At Pinkberry

I once dated a man who paid for Pinkberry with his black American Express card. True Story. He looked great on paper. He went to an Ivy League college; was the “one who made it” from his family; played tennis every Saturday morning with fellas from his office; and worked in marketing for a MAJOR company. In fact, you probably bought something from his company today. Don’t get me wrong, he had his quirks–he told me he only kissed five people in his lifetime and he was in love with every one of them. He was also pretentious as hell, and...

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So This Actually Happened, I Got Dumped For Wearing The Wrong Shoes

I got dumped for wearing the wrong shoes. Not ugly shoes. But the wrong type of shoes. Here’s what happened. I met this guy on Match. We exchanged a few messages and he asked for my number. When he called me, the first conversation lasted nearly two hours. He called me the next night and we spoke for another two hours. Our conversations that first week went pretty much like that. And I know working adults don’t usually talk on the phone for hours, but it was the holidays and I was feeling in the “spirit.” After a week...

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