“Girl, he told me he had CANCER! But he only had a stomach ache. Yes, instead of confessing he went back to his girlfriend, he told me he had cancer. Who does that? So not funny at all. This could ONLY happen to me.”

“Girl, he told me ‘I want us to get married at your mother’s grave *pause for effect* so she can give her blessing.”

I’m shaking my own head, even as I write this, because I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Whenever I tell a story from the two-year period of online dating I like to call, It could only happen to me, I’m always met with an open mouth, a “Girl, SHUT UP, that can’t be real,” or a look that says some variation of, “I’m sorry that’s happening, but you’ll meet the right one soon.”

Fact: these stories are real, and yep, I know the right one will come along soon too. In the meantime: Not Quite We, a blog about dating mating and getting screwed. 

The idea for this space has been a long time coming. In the Fall of 2013, I set about on a journey of dating, and to be specific, meeting someone online.

Online dating no longer has the stigma of “You can’t meet someone in person?” that it once did, and truthfully, most of my friends are married. I’m a woman living my life like it’s golden (shout out to Jill Scott), so where else can I go to meet a plethora of eligible men? But to whom much is given, much is expected, and clearly online dating has become a circus of swiping to the left or right, and quickly. 

Thankfully for you (and my friends who can’t seem to get enough of my stories), what transpired on many of those dates became the stuff of legend. The stories were so famous, people would ask me to repeat them in large groups, and soon, Britni and I began meeting for lunch just to have a space to trade our adventures. From those lunch outings, this blog was born.

We know we aren’t the only ones dating and musing about our success and failures, so we decided to create a space to share our stories and encourage others to share theirs too

We’d love to hear your dating tales–the sweet stories as well as the I can’t believe that happened ones too. We want to read them all, and we hope you’ll stick around to read ours as well.